Inspired by Japanese art, Scandinavian design and Bauhaus theories on form and composition Trail of Yarn has created a collection of woven textiles for interiors. Using a fresh palette of blues and greys with accents of lemon yellow we have developed a range of fabrics using a dobby hand loom and jacquard loom.

To begin the process, a library of textures was created that were manipulated using both studio and CAD techniques. Altering colours, scaling up and down and repeating these pieces began to lead to the loom and formed the building blocks for the textiles.

Using techniques such as block drafts, warp and weft heavy structures and the occasional fancy yarn, different elements were drawn out from the paperwork. The block drafts allowed for ‘floating’ shapes to appear as they do in the collage; warp and weft heavy structures allowed for blurring of the traditional stripe and created cheqs using structure change rather than yarn change; fancy yarns picking up line quality and grainy textures. We used the jacquard loom to literally translate some of the art work, altering only colour proportion to shift the focus of  the eye upon the image. We also explored producing simple textures through yarn and structure combination.

Taking these textiles further they will placed alongside other interior materials, such as granite and wood, to project resolved interior material decisions incorporating the woven textiles.